High 5 Club

Consistent with the very origins of B4K, the “High 5 Club” was created to encourage the philanthropic model of giving back and the philosophical belief that no one succeeds entirely on their own. The “High 5 Club” is made up of junior livestock exhibitors who have committed to giving 5% of their earnings back to B4K. Every generous contributor will be recognized annually at the fairs, their name in publications and they will receive a “B4K – High 5 Club” banner to hang near their animal’s show pen.

Student Exhibitor,

Giving back to others; your community, church, school, those in need or a charitable organization you believe in is one of the noblest things to do. By doing so, you show compassion for others. You demonstrate selflessness. And you show an understanding that success is never truly achieved on our own; but with the guidance, support and at times, the helping hand of another. If you don’t already know it, giving to others will make you feel good and will inspire others to follow your generosity.

We thank you for giving 5% of your hard-earned money and giving back to Bids for Kids. Your contribution will be used to support other livestock exhibitors, raise awareness of youth agriculture and future B4K programming.

We are here for you and by your actions; you’ve shown you are here for others. We are proud of your hard work inside the livestock arena and now out in the community.

  • Our Honor Agreement:
    You agree to donate 5% net profit; (after expenses) to B4K.
  • B4K agrees to foster interest and support youth in agriculture.
  • You agree to make your donation within 45 days of the sale of your animal.
  • B4K agrees to recognize your generosity on our website and with a “B4K High 5 Club” placard.
  • You agree to display near your animal at the Fair.
  • B4K agrees to be proud of you and your generosity.
  • You agree to be a B4K ambassador.