About Us

Our Mission & Purpose

Throughout our lives, we have all benefited from the help of another. Let B4K be your opportunity to give back to the agricultural community that you love. Our commitment to you is sustainability. Every dollar donated to Bids for Kids charitable organization goes directly back to the kids selling their animals, and our programs which directly benefit local youth in agriculture.

Bids for Kids receiving the Character Counts award winner

For over 30 years, Bids for Kids or “B4K” has been supporting youth agricultural projects at the Dixon May Fair and Solano County Fair. The purpose of B4K has always been to encourage and support area youth for their commitment with raising and showing their animals at the Junior Livestock Auctions.

Our support has traditionally been seen in the form of bidding on and buying project animals to ensure that every showman was rewarded for their hard work and dedication to raising an animal.

After taking a year off to restructure, BIDS FOR KIDS is back with a newly elected and energized board of directors, a fresh vision for the future and a renewed commitment to the aggie youth of Solano County.

Bids for Kids is a small working group made-up of former yout aggies who all miss their days in the showmanship ring. Although a diverse group, doing their best trying not to relive their “glory days” we share the common goal of promoting yout in agriculture. We believe in these hard working kids and we show our support by being there for them in the buyers’ circle.